Thursday, July 22, 2010

Katy Perry Debuts New Single "Teenage Dream" and Album Artwork

As Eminem and Rihanna begin their reign atop the Billboard Hot 100, displacing Katy Perry's ubiquitous "California Gurls," Perry is striking back with a one-two punch that means the rap star and Barbadian princess ought not to get too comfortable. Perry yesterday revealed the cotton candy-themed album cover art designed by Will Cotten, who did the art direction for the "California Gurls" music video (below). Today, second single, the titular "Teenage Dream," was released to radio and has been picked up by several of the more connected music sites (until we get our hands on it, hear it at I had the chance to listen to the track last week, and I have to say it's pretty much a ripoff of Ke$ha's song "Animal" (also below) - et tu, Dr. Luke? - but it's a good one and is destined to do well (it may be the perfect mid-tempo followup for a second consecutive number one, but what do I know?).

What do you think? Is the album art sweet enough to eat? Is Katy ripping off Ke$ha? Have you figured out why she shoots whipped cream out of her boobies and how that manages to eviscerate the army of angry gummy bears? (Katy Perry's sophomore album Teenage Dream drops August 24.)

Listen to Ke$ha's track "Animal" from the album of the same name.

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