Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Vertigo Shtick Top 40 Pop Singles of 2014, Part Three

The best pop singles of 2014 were a motley crew, but slowly and surely we're getting to the best of them. The second tier is a collection of ten powerhouse jams from ten powerhouse women, some new, some shedding an old skin, some returning, and some legendary. There are several great singles from not so great artists, and discussions about what that could mean for each one. One's explicitly about sex, another implicitly about masturbation, and another about sex clubs, weed, and DILF hookups, and one of the others mentions menstruation. Three times.

Sound of a Woman
Kiesza keeps on dancin'.
Read on for #20-11 of the VS Top 40 Pop Singles of 2014!

Part One: #31-40                Part Two: #21-30

Honorable Mentions


Friday, January 16, 2015

That New New: Erica Gibson's Charming Debut Single, "Out of My Mind"

It's been a good week for new music, especially considering how desolate the first few months of the year tend to be. There's a lot worth sifting through at one time, but if you're in the mood for some new new over the weekend, I recommend checking out the charming official solo debut single by Philadelphia songwriter Erica Gibson, "Out of My Mind."

Out of My Mind

Produced and co-written by frequent collaborator Scott Stallone, "Out of My Mind" is a format-savvy, sonically playful record about overthinking that voicemail from that guy, which I'm sure hasn't happened to anyone ever. There's a neat tonal shift on the pre-chorus I always find "ooh ahh"-y, and a big old chorus that, and don't hate me for this, has actually proven difficult to get out of my mind. Ooh whoa ohhhh, whoa ah ohh ohhhhh!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Anjulie's "Love Sick", Continues to Make Music That's Better Than You

Look, the streets of Los Angeles are paved with the broken dreams and unreleased music of many thousands of pop stars, also-rans, and would-be pop stars. It's just that some of these streets are nicer than others. If you're Canadian dance-pop philosopher Anjulie, it's more like Melrose Place.

Anjulie is love sick! (Haahh.) (Hooo!)
Like many artists before her, Anjulie spent the better part of the current decade working on a brilliant yet challenging pop project for her sophomore album, one that messed with both the typical label-artist career path and the genre boundaries and definitions to which label marketing teams cling fearfully, and I'm betting you can guess how that went.

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Vertigo Shtick Top 40 Pop Singles of 2014, Part Two

The best pop singles of 2014 were a motley crew. The third tier is populated mostly by established or major-label acts (not as true in the lowest tier, and, you will find, remarkably untrue as we get closer to the top), some of them dialing down the star power for lower-profile work and others making big career-launching smashes often as problematic as they are massive. Throw in two standout tracks from heroic final albums from differently but undeniably pop career victors and some uniquely British pop sensitivities and you've got ten more of the best tunes of 2014.

McBusted's "Air Guitar"
 Read on for #21-30 of the VS Top 40 Pop Singles of 2014

Part One: #31-40                                    Honorable Mentions


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