Monday, December 22, 2014

Madonna Gets Her Groove Back With the 'Rebel Heart' Six

Madonna, it seems, has managed to surprise everyone once again. Following last week's massive leak of unfinished material from her upcoming album, the Queen of Pop was understandably upset and characteristically vocal about it (although her comparisons of the incident to "rape" and "terrorism" ruffled some feathers). Because the album wasn't finished, nor did it have a title or release date, it was unclear how, and if, she would recover from the damage.

Madonna Interview Magazine

The answer to that arrived on Saturday, and it was a bit more ingenious than most would have expected. The album, now entitled Rebel Heart (a phrase that first emerged on Madonna's Instagram, in April), appeared on iTunes for pre-order, with a release date of March 10, 2015 - with six tracks available for immediate download, including lead single "Living for Love."

Sunday, December 21, 2014

"More Like 'Dick Jonas'" And Other Top Vertigo Shtick Tweets of 2014

I don't know if you know this, but Vertigo Shtick has a Twitter account. It's pretty good - a mixture of witticisms, critical and cultural commentary both thorough and off-the-cuff, the rare pop-related joke or meme, some links, and the occasional balls-out take-no-prisoners rant. It's quite entertaining. You should check it out.

Earlier this year, Twitter introduced Twitter Analytics, a fabulous new tool that shows in depth data on your individual tweets beyond the simple retweets and favorites count. As I discovered, retweets and favorites can be a poor indication of how widely one's tweets actually reach, and the data provides a fascinating look at the bizarre, often unpredictable, and sometimes entirely baffling popular life of the tweet. So I decided to compile my Greatest Hits from the year (although analytics only began August 1, so "year" is loosely defined) and take the navel-gazing self indulgence of the End of Year list toward its logical extreme.

Enjoy. And follow me on Twitter, why don't you?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Britney Spears is 33 Today, So I Listened to "3" Eleven Times in a Row and It Was Amazing

As you probably know, Britney Spears turns 33 today. It's so emotional, the sky is literally crying its goddamn eyes out. It's always fun to find some creative way to honor the greatest pop star of my lifetime on the anniversary of her birth in a manger somewhere, and this year I thought I'd listen to her 2009 hit "3" eleven times on repeat (you know, cuz it makes...33 ok you got it, sorry) and share if I had any thoughts while doing so. Here's how it went.

Britney 3
Britney doing "3" on tour, no fucks given

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Popjustice 20 Quid Prize 2014: The Definitive Rankings

Every year since 2003, a panel of judges bestow the Popjustice £20 Music Prize to the artist behind the best British pop single of the year. The debate takes place in a pub in London on the same night as the Mercury Prize, which pompously purports to honor the best album of the year from the UK and Ireland. It’s not unlike the Grammy Award for Album of the Year, except that the UK already has one of those in the BRIT Awards; the Mercury Prize is really more like the Golden Globes of the UK music awards circuit: just another group of music snobs whose opinion matters because it comes with £20,000 and a heck of a jump in album sales. Popjustice’s £20 Music Prize is, in some sense, the Razzie Award, except instead of honoring the worst (see, we do that enough ourselves on the charts) the award goes to the best of an overlooked genre. (The last time a pop album won the Mercury Prize was… ha, fooled you! A pop album has never won the Mercury Prize, come on. There's not even one nominated this year.)

Little Mix Move Video
Little Mix's "Move" is Vertigo Shtick's pick for the 2014 Popjustice 20 Quid Prize

Although I had to sit out this year on Vertigo Shtick's annual rundown of the Popjustice 20 Quid Prize shortlist, that doesn't mean I neglected to become familiar enough with the twelve shortlisted songs to establish a final, authoritative ranking by which this year's crop ought justly to be judged.


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