Friday, May 21, 2010

Robyn Still Kills in New Video for "Dancing on My Own"

Robyn, the "killingest pop star on the planet," is back...with a vengeance. Starting next Tuesday Vertigo Shtick will be spending the three weeks leading up to the release of Robyn's new album Body Talk, Part 1 (the first of three due out within the year) by offering a complete retrospective of the Swedish diva's large body of work, but Robyn has offered a great kickoff head start with the new video released today for upcoming single "Dancing on My Own."

A followup to Robyn's masterpiece "Be Mine," the great song about losing someone you never really had in the first place, "Dancing On My Own" follows the singer to a club where she sees her erstwhile someone in the arms of someone else - not that she didn't know he would be there with her or anything. It's a touching, heart-wrenching testament to the way people tend to torture themselves in love, and judging from the video's rocking dance production, it's had a little tune-up from the early leaked album version I laid my hands on earlier this month. It's a stunning production and the pop star nails the look and the feel of the song, looking chic as ever and benefiting from solid production value in the Max Vitali-directed spot.

What do you think? Are you excited for the return of this pop genius?

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