Monday, May 3, 2010

Ke$ha Immortalized in Simpsons Couch Gag

Last night I happened to be discussing my typically over-analytical rationale for the high opinion I hold of The Simpsons - in a nutshell, I appreciate the show's unique ability to coexist almost seamlessly on multiple comedy planes, from base/slapstick to erudite/academic humor, and thereby manage to entertain even the most dichotomous of audiences in terms of senses of humor. Of course, since this poor loan payment-addled mid-recession recent college grad does not yet know the luxury of television service, I was unaware that virtually at the same time I was droning on about the long-running cartoon's brilliance, the show was throwing a juicy bone to this  pop music journalist-blogger (and about a bajillion others), and to a recently rather maligned upstart pop starlet as well.

 Groundskeeper Willy brushing his teeth with a bottle of Jack

Now, I know Ke$ha has had more than her share of detractors from the very beginning, and acknowledge that in the months since her debut single "TiK ToK" dominated the top of the Billboard Hot 100 for a whopping nine weeks this winter the glitter-loving, trash-talking performer has flirted sufficiently close to obnoxiousness to earn a steadily growing amount of what Mary J. Blige would call "hateration."

But I still challenge pop music lovers to sit through a listen of that joyous hit track without even a smidgen of glee. So its induction last night into the vast and storied halls of the Simpsons universe, in the form of an especially lengthy (and adorable) extended "couch gag" featuring the xanthous denizens of Springfield in a cleverly staged lip sync to the infectious tune, is in this blogger's opinion a worthy one.

One can only imagine how pleased the 23-year-old singer must be about such an honor of an homage (although it might come off as a bit incongruous to compliment the lip-syncing abilities of Edna Krabappel after lambasting Britney Spears for doing the same...just saying).

 TiK ToK on the clock...but the party don't stop. No.

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