Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rhythm. You Have It Or You Don't? That's a Fallacy

I don't pretend to fully understand the concept of the Gorillaz. I know that it (they?) is (are?) a fictional, or as some call it, "virtual" band of animated musicians, and that at least three notable singles from said creation have made decent dents in the American pop music consciousness over the last decade. But beyond that it's a bit metaphysical for me. So much so that until very recently I was unaware that these digital dynamos were behind a 2001 song that creeped the snot out of me.

"Clint Eastwood"
Parlophone, 2001

Clint EastwoodTrivia: Gorillaz are the creation of musician Damon Albarn (of the band Blur) and Jamie Hewlett, the co-creator of the Tank Girl comic book (which was also developed into a movie whose trailer creeped the snot out of me). The "band members" are named 2D (vocals and keyboard), Noodle (lead guitar), Murdoc (bass guitar), and Russel (drums). And before you write them off as imaginary, don't forget that these virtual creatures have won more Grammy awards than you have (2006 Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals for "Feel Good Inc.," which was also nominated for Record of the Year). Take that as you will.

Get Gorillaz' 2005 sophomore album Demon Days, which features "Feel Good Inc." and "DARE."

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