Friday, December 25, 2009

The Only Place You'll Wanna Be (Is Underneath Her Christmas Tree)

Now, don't look too much into the fact that the first of what I assure you will be many times the incomparable Lady Gaga shows up on this blog: just look at the date. Of the scores of opportunistic holiday-themed products created over the years by typically new to new-ish pop stars or wannabes, most of which I wouldn't wish on prisoners at Guantanamo, I challenge you to find one that's more joyous and true to the spirit of the season than this.

"Christmas Tree"
Lady Gaga feat. Space Cowboy
Streamline, Kon Live, Interscope, Cherrytree Records, 2008 (Digital Download)

Trivia: Although it garnered significantly more attention this holiday season, this satirical pop Christmas carol was released as a digital download during the winter of 2008, when,Christmas Tree if you can imagine, Gaga's debut single "Just Dance," which had been out since that April and had been inching its way largely unnoticed up the Billboard Hot 100. In fact, "Just Dance" didn't hit the top spot on the chart until January 10 of this year. Gaga's subsequent four top ten singles (including a second #1 with "Poker Face" and a current #3 for "Bad Romance"), six Grammy noms, fascinatingly bizarre televised performances, two headlining tours and intense critical adoration make it easy to forget how little the industry cared about her a year ago.

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