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Friday, April 27, 2012

The Voice: Season 2 Semifinals / Ranking the Top 8

While the first round of Live Shows on the second season of NBC's The Voice was entertaining and relatively light on drama, this and last week's quarterfinal round was both riveting and intense - and it was a killer piece of television. With the four teams free of moderate competitors and easy decisions, and with the ultimately useful last-minute instant elimination twist, every performance meant something, even if the reality was that most of them didn't.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Voice: Season 2 Quarterfinals / Top 8 Contestants

It's been a busy two weeks for NBC's The Voice, which presented the first round of Live Shows (and Live Eliminations) spread across four remarkably entertaining episodes. Viewers were invited to vote using a plethora of methods for their favorites, and the three members of each team with the most votes were sent on to the quarterfinals. The other three got to sing for their salvation in the Live Elimination shows (note: this is how to make an elimination show, a necessity in our multi-time zone country, actually worth watching rather than a tribute to stalling tactics and advertising dollars) and one more singer, selected by his or her respective coach/judge, was allowed to advance as well.

This means we lost eight contestants, among them Vertigo Shtick Top 10-ers Naia Kete (#9), Kim Yarbrough (#3) and Charlotte Sometimes (#2), but all in all there is a solid group of 16 left who will compete this and next week in the quarterfinals.

And this time, there's a twist!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Voice: Season 2 Recap / Top 10 Contestants

Despite my intentions, I missed most of the first season of The Voice, finally tuning in to the final two episodes and, while liking what I saw, essentially missing the entire concept of the show in practice. This season I've made a point to follow from beginning to end, and I've had a ball so far. I know that because even the best reality competition show loses its novelty and unpredictability after two or three seasons (except America's Next Top Model, which I could watch until the apocalypse) it's imperative to enjoy it while I can. Fortunately, The Voice is the kind of show that comes into its own the second time around (as opposed to American Idol or The Apprentice, which worked their best magic in their first seasons), so the timing is perfect.

But first let us take a moment to appreciate the utter greatness of Christina's hat.


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