Sunday, February 8, 2015

57th Grammys Have Actually Made Some Good Choices (So Far)

The Grammy Awards are...problematic. NEWS FLASH. Peer awards for an intensely conservative, artistically sprawling industry about ten years behind the times, with baffling voting procedures and no guild or critics' awards to act as a check and counterpoint? What could go wrong?

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga win Best Traditional Pop Album
Complaining about the Grammy Awards is a familiar trope (Why are there so few awards during the telecast? Hey, that's not a New Artist! What's the difference between a record and an album? Best Polka Album hahahaha oh they got rid of that one.), and for those of us who care about good music, this can be an aggravating event.

But with most of the awards having been presented during the pre-telecast "Premiere Ceremony," it looks like the Recording Academy has made some decent selections within the imperfect framework they've given themselves with variously shambolic nominations.

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