Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Britney Spears is 33 Today, So I Listened to "3" Eleven Times in a Row and It Was Amazing

As you probably know, Britney Spears turns 33 today. It's so emotional, the sky is literally crying its goddamn eyes out. It's always fun to find some creative way to honor the greatest pop star of my lifetime on the anniversary of her birth in a manger somewhere, and this year I thought I'd listen to her 2009 hit "3" eleven times on repeat (you know, cuz it makes...33 ok you got it, sorry) and share if I had any thoughts while doing so. Here's how it went.

Britney 3
Britney doing "3" on tour, no fucks given

There, wasn't that riveting? It really is quite a good song, though, isn't it?
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