Thursday, July 17, 2014

Get More of Your Weird Al Fix With the Iggy Azalea Parody "Handy"

Another day, another "Weird Al" Yankovic video (not that I'm complaining!). For today's fourth out of an eight-day video per day release strategy, Yankovic released "Handy," a parody of Iggy Azalea's just-deposed #1 hit and arguable Song of the Summer, "Fancy." With the comedy singer in a blonde wig and mustache and with two hilarious overweight fix-it man backup dancers, "Handy" had me skeptical at first and by the end rolling on the floor. 

"Weird Al" beez in the trap
You'd think the handyman shtick would run cold after a while, but between his impressive array of puns and "glue dat, glue dat, and screw dat, screw dat" rhymes and the uproarious choreography, "Handy" is a real knee-slapper. Yankovic even gets in a sly reference to Azalea's feature verse on Ariana Grande's "Problem" - see if you can find it! Also, what he does with Charli XCX's "ow!" is...I mean, it's all just too much, in the best way.

Yankovic is well known for pursuing artists' blessings before parodying their songs, even though fair use rules would likely protect him anyway. Word has it that because Azalea's people were being slow to respond and Yankovic really wanted to put the song on his album, Mandatory Fun, which came out on Tuesday, the comedy musician flew out to an Azalea concert to ask in person; TMZ got the request on tape. 

"Fancy" was just knocked off the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 this week by the godawful song "Rude" by Canadian band Magic! Back in the day, a Yankovic parody could spur lots of attention and sales even to the original; Chamillionaire, whose 2006 song "Riding" became Yankovic's top ten hit "White and Nerdy," thanked the parody for helping him win a Grammy for Best Rap Song. Wouldn't it be nice if "Handy" could help "Fancy" regain the top spot over those whiny Canadian losers?

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