Monday, June 30, 2014

Queen of Hearts Has Just Stealth Dropped Her Debut Album, Cocoon

The British electropop act Queen of Hearts popped onto our radar in late 2011, with a sleek debut EP that positioned the young singer as the successor to Goldfrapp we'd been waiting for, the one who could bring the glammy club vibe of Black Cherry and Supernature into the post-EDM new decade. Since then, she's been one of the rare developing acts that pretty much seems to have been doing everything right in the leadup to a hopeful (and expected) full-length debut, and without any apparent big-label machinations going on publicly behind the scenes. And today, with little - okay, no fanfare whatsoever, that debut arrived, available for purchase and streaming worldwide. It is called Cocoon.

Review: Robyn and Röyksopp "Do It Again" at the Hollywood Bowl

Los Angelinos often joke about our limited notions of architectural history ("the columns date back all the way to 1972!"), and indeed the Hollywood Bowl, erected in 1922, is one of the city's most elderly monuments. The famed amphitheater, among the oldest in the country, has proven a remarkably apt venue for styles of performance its creators couldn't have anticipated, particularly rock (the Beatles, the Doors, and Genesis all had notable concerts there). But despite a major acoustic overhaul in 2003, the Bowl remains fundamentally unsuited to the modern electronic pop concert, with its particular demands in sound and showmanship. While most such acts wisely stick to the more apropos venues in town, some have let the allure and glamor of the historic venue overrule practical concerns, and the result is too often a bit of a letdown.  

Robyn dances on her own during the new "Do It Again" tour
Robyn and Röyksopp met such a fate in October 2011, but that didn't stop them from returning Sunday night for round two and largely, if not entirely, conquering the sold-out arena with a thrillingly offbeat electronic disco burlesque show appropriately called "Do It Again."
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