Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Listen to This: Gin Wigmore - "Kill of the Night"

An exciting facet of the global music industry is the opportunity to find new material from interesting and far-off places. Lorde, of "Royals" and the current hit "Team," isn't the only interesting act to emerge from New Zealand of late. There is Kimbra, the female featured voice on Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know," and there's Gin Wigmore, whose sultry "Kill of the Night" is featured in a new commercial for Nationwide Insurance.

You may remember Wigmore's voice, a distinctive Macy Gray-meets-Duffy growl, from the James Bond flick Skyfall (and a related beer commercial). Her 2012 sophomore album Gravel and Wine, a number one hit in New Zealand, is full of Bond-like slinky jazz-pop tunes, like "Black Sheep" and "Man Like That." The deeper cut "Kill of the Night" is the kind of timeless lounge pop made popular by Amy Winehouse, and goes to show how immense and lingering the late singer's influence remains seven years after her debut.

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