Tuesday, November 27, 2012

You Can (And Should) Stream Ke$ha's New Album 'Warrior' Right Now for Free

Sure, 2012 has been pretty much a bust for pop music. However - and I can't be alone in this - I've been holding onto one last strand of hope, namely that the artist to whom I have (mostly) un-ironically referred on this blog as the Messiah of pop music (I know, it's embarrassingly hyperbolic and, in this blogging climate, almost cliche) might pull off a last-second save and take this dismal year from a gut-wrenching shutout to...well, a moderately close loss. Initial reports from the Ke$ha front haven't been disastrous, but I'd be lying like Ashlee Simpson alleging a case of acid reflux if I said I've been whole-heartedly impressed and encouraged thus far with the impending sophomore LP Warrior. Still, every time I doubt Ke$ha, she bitch-slaps me with a plastic cup of Jack Daniel's while urinating on me and making wild animal calls with her other hand until I regret my lapse in faith and vow never to underestimate her again, and I dislike being covered in piss - even famous, mostly alcoholic piss.

Warrior lands a week from today (I have ordered my CD copy from Amazon), just in time to be maybe ignored, maybe over-hyped in the end-of-the-year best of list frenzy (not to mention by exponential margin the biggest sales month of the year for music). However, iTunes, in an uncharacteristic display of non-assholeness, is streaming the album for free - no strings attached...really!...I know! - right now. Who knows for how long this will last, but I figured it was my duty to inform you, in case you weren't already aware. I have not yet listened to the stream; I plan to do so the instant I get home tonight. Meanwhile, give it a listen (click the album cover below), and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Click the image above to stream Ke$ha's album Warrior for free!

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