Thursday, October 18, 2012

Popologist Panel: Pink, No Doubt, Anjulie, Missy Elliott, and More

The operating philosophy of this month's Popologist Panel is "better late than never." Although it arrives two weeks behind schedule, this month our panel tackles some of its most fascinating and thought-provoking releases to date, despite somewhat depleted ranks as three of our panelists had the month off. Luckily we were able to bring in a new panelist to fill some of the gaps, and we like him so much we're going to keep him. Our subjects for October again include comeback works by several seasoned veterans, namely P!nk, No Doubt, Christina Aguilera and Missy Elliott herself; while we also discuss new music from returning artists that often diverts from his or her previous work or style, among them Anjulie, deadmau5, and Natalia Kills; finally, we look at the introductory EP from buzzed-about British artist Charli xcx and toss in our two cents on the current phenomenon of the zeitgeist - a Korean rap-pop video that's taken the world, well, by the reins. 

There's a good crop of new stuff here you may or may not have heard, so we hope you'll check out anything here you think might interest you. For an extra bit of fun, each panelist has selected one of this month's selections as his or her "Top Pick." What's yours? Enjoy, share and please send your thoughts, whether you think we're right on or full of shit. We're very likely both.

The Ten Best Moments of "Gangnam Style" - A Photoessay

Wait, I know what you're thinking: "Oh hey, a post about PSY's viral hit 'Gangnam Style!' How new and exciting! I've been looking all over for something about that video on the web but just can't seem to find anything!" and so forth (you sarcastic bastard). Like the now globally recognized Korean rapper behind the current song/video of the zeitgeist (sorry, Carly Rae...we'll call you, maybe), I am entirely self-aware of the relative seriousness and import of the pieces I put up here at Vertigo Shtick, and like, um, let's say Lady Gaga because you know she'll appreciate the conversation being brought around to her circuitously, I am not above serving up the occasional fun and inconsequential fluff piece now and then when I get drunk in my tour bus or I've been away for a few seconds and some other bitch is about to release a single/album/major announcement. *Vomits*

In any event, I gathered these stills from PSY's fabulous video while prepping for an upcoming piece and I couldn't pick just the one I needed and let the rest languish in the digital trash can - and *poof* a post is born, commemorating the ten best moments and images from a video jam-packed with good stuff (in order of appearance). Heyyyyyyyyyy sexy laday!

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