Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Ke$ha Project: The Best of Ke$ha Poll

The life of an ardent Ke$havangelist such as I am demands, of late, a great deal of faith and patience. One ultimately has to find things to do while one waits for the Messiah to unleash her next sermon on the mount. Occasionally I will eschew the urgent pop of the day to bask in the glory of Ke$ha's music, of which we fortunately have a great deal already to light our way, and as often happens when I'm listening to great music, today I got to thinking about the highlights of her short but remarkable published discography thus far, and how my opinions might differ from those of other Kesha Kongregants and non-believers. Twitter queries stirred up enough conversation to prompt me to move the questions here to the blog where they might find some real answers, and it's always a good time to add to The Ke$ha Project.

The Ke$ha Project

So, here is what I pose to all readers out there whom I ask to weigh in to help answer these tough but fascinating questions. As you make your selections, I encourage you to explain, debate or argue in the comments as we try to determine some semblance of an outcome by popular vote. I also encourage you to take the opportunity to go to your iPod or Spotify or YouTube and revisit the music mentioned herein, especially if you have yet to see the light on how brilliant this artist truly is.

To help out, I've narrowed each one down to the best possible answers. You're welcome.

1. The best Ke$ha SINGLE (officially released as such) is:

2. The best Ke$ha NON-SINGLE (tracks from Animal or Cannibal that were not released officially as singles) is:

3. The Ke$ha song that MOST ought to have been a single but wasn't is:

4. The best guilty pleasure Ke$ha song is:

5. The Ke$ha song I used to dislike but have MOST grown to appreciate over time is:

6. The best Ke$ha remix on the official remix album is:

7. The best Ke$ha music video is: (Just kidding, we all know it's "Blow")

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