Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Music That Doesn't Suck: April 2012 (Playlist)

It can be difficult sometimes to wade through the web and find good new music recommendations; I know that as much as anyone. On another point, I can't count the number of times I've stumbled upon good new music, or at least new music I enjoy to some extent or other, but never manage to fit it into a post to share the good news. In response to both those dilemmas, I thought I'd at least toss together a list of the new music I've enjoyed over the past month for your reference. Some of the music listed will be very familiar while some will likely not be, and it's all in a Spotify playlist for your convenience, with a few exceptions to which I will provide alternate links. This is music I acquired during the last month, which does not necessarily mean it was released in the last month - we all find music at our own pace! Hope you enjoy and maybe find something you like as well!

New Music That Doesn't Suck: April 2012
Ameriie - "Every Time"
A fluttery, pleasant midtempo R&B jam from the singer of "1 Thing" (2008) ahead of mini-LP The Prelude. (Download)

Queen of Hearts - "Neon"
The latest in a string of bullseyes by the rising British electro-pop star, off the upcoming Neon/Tears in the Rain EP (see the Vertigo Shtick post).

Jennifer Lopez - "Dance Again" (feat. Pitbull)
The dynamic duo reunites for a feel-good redemption anthem. (See the Vertigo Shtick post)

Rye Rye - "Boom Boom"
A bubbly Vengaboys-referencing dance track from the engaging young dance/hip-hop hybrid and unlikely M.I.A. protegee, whose last single was "Never Will Be Mine" (feat. Robyn) and whose long-delayed debut album Go! Pop! Bang! is out this summer.

The Flaming Lips - "2012 (You Must Be Upgraded)" (feat. Ke$ha)
A jarringly weird postmodern track that should be required for all Ke$ha-hating hipsters; it'll put hair on your chest.

Karmin - "Brokenhearted"
A maddeningly derivative "Last Friday Night (TGIF)" rehash from Dr. Luke and company that is nevertheless intoxicating if not approached with caution; enjoy it now before the Ting Tings-like duo becomes insufferable over the year ahead.

Gotye - "Somebody That I Used to Know" (feat. Kimbra)
The current #1 single on the Billboard Hot 100 and latest unlikely success story that's actually as good as people say it is.

Rita Ora - "How We Do (Party)"
A quintessential happy party song ("I wanna party and bullshit") that marks the singer's debut.

Mathai - "Ordinary People" 
A pleasant, cheerful cover of John Legend's great song by one of the best former contestants on NBC's The Voice. (See the Vertigo Shtick article)

Sabi - "Where They Do That At?" (feat. Wale)
The second quirky, interesting pop/R&B track ("Wild Heart" was the first) that is much much better than a pot full of vegetables.

Little Boots - "Every Night I Say a Prayer"
The second good single ahead of the Brit's upcoming LP, a cool electro-dance jam with better verses than chorus.

Coco Morier - "Afterlife"
A goofy, sing-song, kazoo-aided kiss-off by the songwriter-turned-solo artist-turned-label partner from a compilation album commemorating the launch of the new indie label Ingrid.

Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded

A delight from either end, with something for hip hop fans as well as pop fans (half and half, actually) and plenty for both. It's my favorite album of the year so far, and the best money I've spent in a while. Some key tracks:
Hip-Hop: "Beez in the Trap"      Pop: "Pound the Alarm"
          "Roman Reloaded"                    "Automatic"
          "HOV Lane"                                 "Whip It"
          "Stupid Hoe"                               "Fire Burns"

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