Wednesday, March 14, 2012

First Listen: Kimberly Cole & Eddie Amador - "U Make Me Wanna" (feat. Garza)

When a song bears a title like "U Make Me Wanna," it's impossible not to want more information. Wanna what? Shout? Break down and cry? Make love, love, love? Leave the one I'm with, start a new relationship with you? Lala? In the kitchen, on the floor?  It could be anything, and history has hardly helped clear up the question. The question has been posed, and verbosely answered, by artists from Usher to Blue, but Kimberly Cole isn't in the mood for conversation in her new single with Atlantic/Big Beat, collaborating with Eddie Amador and Garza as on last year's "Arrow Through My Heart."

The slick techno/club-ready dance sizzler doesn't mince words, but bounces on a refrain of grunts and moans in the spirit of the minimalist choruses that Ke$ha proved could be as catchy and irresistible as any of Max Martin's legendary quatrains. It's a step forward for Cole in more ways than one, further proving that this artist on the rise has the goods to play with the big hitters in this dance-pop hybridized climate. It's more seductive, restrained, and effortless than the solid but sometimes overzealous "Arrow Through My Heart," and the techno beat and composition make it pure gold for any sort of DJ to remix and play around with anywhere from KIIS-FM to the Electric Daisy Carnival.

The partnership with Atlantic/Big Beat marks the first time a major label has taken the helm to get Cole's excellent music out to the masses, and it bodes well for what we can only pray will soon be a full-length sophomore set that can build off the largely undiscovered gem that was Cole's debut album, Bad Girls Club. A release with Big Beat or its equal will allow the next LP to reach the massive audience I've always been certain will simply eat Kimberly Cole up like crack-flavored movie theatre popcorn. There's plenty of brilliant potential in this artist, and "U Make Me Wanna" should prove a compelling taste for a bigger untapped portion of the audience she so richly deserves.

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