Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nicola Roberts - "Yo-Yo" (Music Video Review)

Nicola Roberts this week unveiled the music video for "Yo-Yo," the third single off her rather nifty debut album Cinderella's Eyes. As I watched I wrote down some notes, which turned out to be more interesting on their own than the sum of their parts, so here they are.

  • Nicola is really quite pretty.
  • I had no idea Labrinth was such a whiz with a yo-yo!
  • He seems a bit young for you, Nicola... (Well done)
  • I'm enjoying this song about 30x  more than I have previously, but I can't figure out why, other than that anything probably seems better when you can see Nicola Roberts...hmm.
  • The dude checking that non-Nicola chick out and her reaction was so "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" I now feel cheated out of a gratuitous abs shot.
  • Maybe I like it because of the Robyn thing she's pulling - singing about sad shit in a way (visually) that makes clear she doesn't actually give a damn. That works for me much more.
  • The bridge is actually quite marvellous isn't it?
  • Wait, now she's crying in the shower -playing it straight after clearly showing she could give fuck-all? Did Nicola Roberts just out-Robyn Robyn?
  • Breaking dishes is cathartic as hell. Though I never thought about throwing them AT him.
  • The yo-yo is a literal statement, but it's there for the same reason Beyoncé had a telephone in "Telephone" and Ke$ha had a guy dancing in a pear suit during "Grow a Pear" on the Get $leazy tour - which is not the same reason Katy Perry shot fireworks from her breasts in "Firework," mind you. One is a self-consciously, almost ironic literal statement, and the other is just functional and unimaginative (except for the breasts). If there's a single domino in the eventual Jessie J video I quit on her.
  • She's probably better off...he looks like Chris Colfer hiding behind that jacket. She may just be barking up a wrong tree.
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