Friday, October 14, 2011

Underrated Women of Pop 2011: Nervo (22)


Mim & Liv Nervo are a one-stop revolution in themselves merely by existing, although fortunately their talents don't stop at novelty. The blonde twins and former models from Australia wouldn't look out of place on any dance floor or in any music video, but the difference is these girls actually make music themselves - a rare enough feat in general but practically unheard of in their chosen genre of dance/electronica.

And don't let the blonde hair fool you: they are fully aware of their natural, physical talents as much as their artistic ones, and the two have leveraged these into a remarkably swift ascent from songwriting (for Ke$ha, Armin van Buuren and recently Rihanna) to producing to high-profile gigs opening for Britney Spears and in residency at the Wynn in Las Vegas, and now to their upcoming, all-encompassing debut album, on which Mim & Liv will write, produce, and perform themselves.

That complete artistic control is rare in electronica (Owl City and are among the few with such triple input) and all but unprecedented for women. Recent debut single "We're All No One" is a monumental bitchslap in the face of the old boys' club of techno, the only genre more institutionally sexist than country. That is at least, if NERVO have anything to say about it, for now.


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