Monday, October 10, 2011

Underrated Women of Pop 2011 - Frenchie Davis (24)

24. Frenchie Davis

America sure is one damned Puritan country in some ways. Does it bother anyone else that thanks to this country's vehement opposition to sex, the enormously talented Frenchie Davis is still looking for a job? Does it bother anyone else much more that Simon Rex (note: white male)  now does cameos in Ke$ha videos, so successful was his career in the music industry, while Frenchie Davis (black female) has yet to land a record deal or sign with a label? It should.

Davis was ousted from the second season of American Idol after five-year-old topless photos of her turned up online (Rex became a popular VH1 "vee-jay" and television actor despite some hardcore solo adult videos in his past). She then landed a gig as the soloist in "Seasons of Love" in the Broadway company of Rent, which she held, off and on, for four years. Finally, Davis resurfaced earlier this year on the premiere season of NBC's hit Idol competitor The Voice, where she was a finalist on Team Christina Aguilera, who clearly didn't give a hoot about Frenchie's hooters. After impressing the judges and audiences alike with her renditions of "I Kissed a Girl," "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)," and the especially amazing "When Love Takes Over," Davis was ultimately felled by rocker Beverly McLellan in the semifinals.

Normally I'm of the "if you were really cut out for this stuff you wouldn't need a reality show" school of thought, but Frenchie Davis is the real deal. She's terribly cool (big, black and bald, muthafuckaaas), she's a fat black woman and still had folks paying to see her in the nude (bitches...she's that fierce), she's now been in and around the entertainment business for a decade, and most of all the girl can SANG. I don't mean "oh, she has a very nice voice, which is so rarely true of black women, isn't it," I mean Frenchie Davis sings very well with a voice that's quite nice to hear and, most importantly, doesn't sound like anyone else's voice. Oh, I want to loan her my apartment and let her use the iMac microphone and a bootleg version of GarageBand for PC just so I can finally hear an entire album of Frenchie Davis singing songs. It really should not have to come down to that.

Frenchie Davis - "When Love Takes Over (Studio Version)"
The Voice
Frenchie Davis' Official Site

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