Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Wanted - "All Time Low" (Video Review)

Basically, The Wanted is the male equivalent to The Saturdays (Britain's answer to the Pussycat Dolls), which may or may not have anything to do with the fact that both groups spawn from the same creator. In a way the UK is a bit like Jurassic Park, where supposedly extinct creatures like boy bands and soap operas and royalty roam free as if they never died out. We’re so used to the individuality of reality singing competition shows over here (because let’s face it this is America where “compromise” is a bad word and sharing is for Socialists) that the notion of boy or girl bands is pretty antiquated. Then again, it’s easy to say so for those of us who actually did have boy/girl bands to help calibrate our raging hormones when we were becoming horny adolescents. At least when Justin Timberlake started dating Britney Spears we had like nine other boy band hotties to re-center our crushes on. Nowadays young girls have only Justin Bieber, and after the backlash Esperanza Spalding got simply for winning an award (that she deserved) over Bieber I wouldn’t be surprised if Selena Gomez’ security detail has had to call for reinforcements because these millions of obsessed girls have no one else to obsess over. Are we dooming our children?

Suddenly The X Factor, which allows groups to compete as well as solo artists (the UK edition has occasionally created groups out of solo contestants in the past) makes total sense. Musically I find “All Time Low” pretty ‘meh,’ but perhaps that’s no more the point than aspirations of stardom and acquisition of boobies groupies were for the Pussycat Dolls. Now, the look doesn't really carry over into still photography for some reason, so in order to really understand the idea here it is necessary to take in one of their music videos (they're all pretty similar, so far). Only after viewing video of this group will you fully realize what I suspect Simon Cowell has already (leveraging $5 million for the winner of The X Factor instead of the standard $1 million for the Idol could be a clue): if millions of dollars preteen girls are this bowled over by one boy like Justin Bieber, imagine what they’d spend on do with FIVE!

Although I do appreciate this opportunity:

That's what he said!!
OK, I'm done.
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