Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Music Tuesday: September, Teddybears and More

Every Tuesday, hoards of new singles, EPs and LPs appear on iTunes, Amazon and in stores everywhere, and a new sales week begins. I enjoy Tuesday sometimes for no other reason than getting to make my way over to the market for my weekly shopping trip. Sometimes there's a ton of fresh and exciting items on offer, while other times there's little worth carrying on home. Each week I post what I’ve bought, sometimes with tacit recommendation and sometimes with the hesitation of an experimenter. If you have any opinions, comments, or suggestions about my weekly picks, or care to share what you're buying and why, please share in the comments.

SeptemberLove CPR ($7.99 on Amazon, $9.99 on iTunes)

September-Love-CPR (US Album Cover)

The Swedish chanteuse made a big comeback in her native Sweden with her new album, which was thankfully released in the US this week. I enjoyed lead single “Resuscitate Me” when it came out last year and have listened to a smattering of the other tracks since then (“Me & My Microphone” also came out on iTunes in the US several weeks ago), and I’m happy to say that the album in full exceeds my initial expectations. There’s only one deadly track out of the fourteen, and several of them (including “Ricochet,” “Intimate Connection,” and “Bump and Grind”) approach her great 2004 hit “Cry for You.” iTunes is selling it for $9.99 but Amazon has it for $7.99.

Teddybears - Devil's Music (US Album Cover)Teddybears – Devil’s Music ($7.99 on Amazon, $9.99 on iTunes)

Klaus Ahlund, the mastermind behind much of the production on Robyn’s latest pair of albums as well as a few of Ke$ha’s best, is a member of this Swedish duo, and their latest LP landed this week in the US. It features guest spots by Robyn (“Cardiac Arrest”), Cee Lo Green and the B-52s (”Cho Cha”) and Eve (“Rocket Scientist”), among others. Like Love CPR, the album is going for $9.99 on iTunes but is only $7.99 on Amazon.


Katy B – “Katy On a Mission” ($1.29 on iTunes)

Katy B On A Mission
Yep, I'm on a mission!
I know almost nothing about Katy B except that my fellow pop music bloggers can’t stop gushing about her, so I figure it’s worth a shot to try out her new, self-referencing single. It’s been a hit in her native Britain.

Mr. Saxobeat featuring Alejandra – “Mr. Saxobeat” ($0.99 on iTunes)

Also self-referencing is the title to a track that’s currently number two on the Billboard Dance Airplay chart and is climbing the Dance Club Play chart as well. Although it might also be the version released in February by an “Alexandra Stan” ($1.29) it’s the same song but the iTunes previews sound different. Will check back. Sounds a bit karaoke-ish,

Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera - Moves Like Jagger (Single Cover Art)Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera - “Moves Like Jagger”

I have wanted to buy this song ever since it premiered on “The Voice,” but I didn’t want to buy the live performance version and iTunes’ listing is a bit misleading. It is, in fact, the studio recording, and on that note, it’s every bit as slick an catchy as Maroon 5’s best, and it’s nice to hear Christina Aguilera again. They’re a good match, since Aguilera and Adam Levine, the Maroon 5 frontman and her fellow coach/judge on “The Voice,” both have the same sort of arrogant sexiness that works even better in pairs. It’s a fun summer song.

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