Monday, July 11, 2011

The Ke$ha Project – “Starvin’”

As eager as I am to find out what Ke$ha has in store for a thoroughly unprepared US pop music scene on her presumably forthcoming sophomore LP, if these new unreleased gems keep surfacing every few weeks I won’t much mind being patient. The latest castoff appeared over the last holiday weekend in lovingly remastered form over at PopOnandOn, by whose effort we now welcome a clandestine cut of the simmering mid-tempo “Starvin’.” The new discovery likely hails from the realm as the pair that preceded it, the haunting “31 Seconds Alone” and the casually maudlin “Tease Me” (more on the latter still to come). All three share the same relatively sparse, guitar-driven electronic backdrop and mellow torch song-for-the-discotheque vibe, although “Starvin’” is as hushed and sexy as "31 Seconds Alone” is rich with youthful romanticism.


Neither as predatory and aggressive as Florrie’s “Call of the Wild” nor as ridiculously saccharine as Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now,” “Starvin’” nonetheless follows the same well-tread storyline of the hunt for a late night booty call. True to form, Ke$ha isn’t one to mince words: “I am foaming at the mouth/ Starvin’ for a little bit of love./ Are you in or are you out?/ You’ve got until I see the sun,” she coos, more a dare than a desire, framed by ethereal arcing “aaahs” that could be the howl of a wolf or the call of a Siren. The track is an excellent study in effective minimalism, and its success is in packing just as much sensual and emotional punch as the far more sonically dense “31 Seconds Alone.”

Ke$ha – “Starvin’”

A lesson on the verity of “less is more” from electropop poster girl Ke$ha? Believe it, pal, and there’s a lot more where that came from with this undercover pop mastermind. It’s not for nothing that The Ke$ha Project will appear this and every Monday to come here on Vertigo Shtick, offering a weekly dose of evidence to support my uncommon but firmly held opinion that Ke$ha is, in fact, no less than a pop music genius. Sound crazy?

Tune in next Monday!
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