Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March Madness Breakup Bracket Day 1: Jazmine Sullivan vs. Beyoncé; Justin Timberlake vs. Kelly Rowland

Vertigo Shtick has collected 64 of the best breakup pop tunes from the last decade or so to battle it out March Madness-style in a reader's choice tournament of getting over it!

Our first match pits two angry divas (one less destructive than the other) head toead as Jazmine Sullivan's great Grammy-nominated hit "Bust Your Windows" faces Beyoncé's instructions to pack up and move on out to the left, to the left in "Irreplaceable."

Matchup number two features a pair of bitter exes (not to one another...yet) spitting it back into the face of a lover that done wrong. Justin Timberlake's reminder that "What Goes Around...Comes Around" takes on Kelly Rowland's gem of a sleeper single "Rose Colored Glasses."

Listen to the songs in each matchup below, and vote for your favorite for whatever reason you might think up! Readers will have 72 hours to log votes for these pairings. You're encouraged to use the comments to sway voters one way or another!

Matchup One


Which Breakup Song Do You Prefer ?

Matchup Two


Which Breakup Song Do You Prefer?

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