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Girlicious Songs You May Have Missed...

Matt Burstyn, Vertigo Shtick Contributor

There have been certain pop artists that hold a special place in my music tastes (i.e.: Robyn, Kylie Minogue, Euro-pop etc). Since my first days on the dance floor Girlicious has been part of that category of pop/dance/club music that brings that delicious sensation of droppin’ low. Girlicious is the creation of Robin Antin, founder of the burlesque music group sensation The Pussycat Dolls. After the entrepreneur’s first TV series “Quest For The Next Doll,” which (briefly) added a fifth backup doll to lead singer Nicole Scherzinger via pre-taped CW reality competition show, the second(! - baffling, it's true) season took the reality competition a new (-ish) road: the formation of a brand new all-female pop group. Originally planned as a trio, the final decision at the end of the TV series begat a quartet.

Signed by the girls. They're even more gorgeous in person.
After the group's disappointing first album release and due to differing artistic points of view, the urban pop group eventually decided to go in a more mainstream pop direction, although this decision, amidst other differences and controversy, resulted in member Tiffanie Anderson leaving Girlicious. The line-up change and new direction makes the difference in their new album, Rebuilt, soon to be released (a reported August 24 release date seems to be inaccurate).
I had the pleasure of seeing them live at my favorite gay club, Tigerheat (at the Avalon on Hollywood and Vine in Los Angeles). Seeing an act at a club is always an experience, what even more when you want to see them. *Shout out to my newly met friend, Sharon Wu from NYU. My dance partner on the floor right before the girls went up on stage. "Thank you, gurl."

Back to Girlicious: The act composed of an intro medley with covers of awesome dance tracks that helped pump the crowd and get a good vibe of what Girlicious is made of. My favorite was the cover of "Sexy Bitch," originally by David Guetta featuring Akon. Hearing “I’m a sexy bitch” sung live by these girls proves the statement. The other live performed songs will be featured as the Songs You May Have Missed below. (The autographed picture I managed to get and scan on here totally proves that Girlicious is a great compliment to the pop-world. Robin Antin’s choice in female empowerment via pop music was a damn good one.)

5 Girlicious Songs You May Have Missed 

“Stupid Shit” – Girlicious (Geffen, 2008)
With a ghetto-fab beat, and blunt lyrics like “Let’s do some stupid shit, yeah” and “Wanna g-g-get down, g-g-get down.” Being direct and to the point has never been so hot. Their first single that started it all is a guilty pleasure whenever I’ve gone out clubbing.  Let’s face it:  “Smart Club Song” doesn’t have nearly as much appeal.

“Like Me” – Girlicious (Geffen, 2008)
The follow-up single to the last track. There isn’t murder on the dancefloor, but the knock-out confidence in “Like Me” can bring on a competitive edge. This song has a little less girl-rap and some more harmony. Akin to Fergie’s song lyric: “Them chick is jocking my swagger.” Message is clear: “get your own style before I tear you a new one” (Perhaps not that violent, but I can dream).

The original lineup: Nat, Chris, Nic & Tiff
“Drank”Rebuilt (Universal, 2010)
One of the songs I got a chance to hear live. This song is a great crowd-warmer after their “Sexy Bitch” intro medley. After two minutes of inner diva and demanding threats of: “If I don’t get a glass, you ain’t gettin’ ass. Boy, don’t even ask.” There’s an awesome 20 second break of harmonization. Girlicious is waiting at the club and needs some liquor, fast. Like Oh My God, this track will like, totally grow on you; Even more so if you’ve drank.

“2 In The Morning” Rebuilt (Universal, 2010)
Girlicious pulls a Paradiso Girls (another girl group affiliated with Robin Antin) they’ve gotten a few sips off “Patron Tequila” (margaritas and hopefully a trio of shots). Time to dance until after hours with "2 In The Morning." Sampling the addictive martini clinking beat of early 2000’s dance track: “Around The World (La La La)" by europop group ATC (A Touch Of Class). It’s a great club song and it’s got me singing “La la la.”
Nat, Nic and Crys. Rebuilt.
“Maniac”Rebuilt (Universal, 2010)

Also preformed live, this is my favorite track I’ve heard so far off Rebuilt. Once you’ve "Drank" past "2 In The Morning" with Girlicious, why not after party with them? Do you get to see Girlicious’ inner maniac in the bedroom after “Drank” and “2 In The Morning”? I didn’t mean to lead you on (OMG like sorry?). "Maniac’s" powerful pop song that shows the stronger side of their vocals; a crazy high paced tempo that makes you want to lose control on the floor. The live preformance featured sharp dance moves and neon color variations of their skin-tight white outfits (shown on the autographed photo). I took great pleasure of the facial expression and literal eye twitch on cue to: “My eyes begin to twitch. Dr. Jekyll, Mrs. Hyde. ”

Looking at the leaked track list for the sophomore album Rebuilt; it's mashed with some sexy samplings and covers off well-established dance-pop singles plus their own. With limited information on how to buy the album, the release is coming. This hyped up blogger will be checking Twitter @Girlicious and the Girls' website to find out.

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