Thursday, July 22, 2010

Songs You May Have Missed...

Matt Burstyn, Vertigo Shtick Contributor

“Fever” – Adam Lambert (For Your Entertainment, RCA, 2009)
 For hardcore pop enthusiasts, you may know this as an unreleased track of our fair Lady Gaga. This song which didn’t make The Fame did find a spot on another flashy spiked artist. Listen to the final product of Glambert’s vocals with Gaga’s song writing. The result? A gay man complaining why his boyfriend isn’t putting out.

“Come Back To Mine” – Florrie
Keep this girl on your memory. Currently an unsigned popstarlet who’s done intrusmental work for Girls Aloud and Kylie Minogue. This multitalented musician is putting an electro club flair into some sparing lyrics that leaves you wanting more of her music. Luckily, she’s giving them free on her website while she’s still unsigned.

“Bottom’s Up”  – KeKe Palmer (So Uncool, Atlantic, 2007)
The little girl we know from’s Akeelah And The Bee has grown and has got a good sense of swagger.  At age 17, she can spell all the right moves for pop and r&b.

“Sexy People” – Lolene (The Electrick Hotel, Capitol/EMI, 2010)
I’ve seen her perform this song live at the only 18+ gay club in Hollywood. It’s been almost a year since then and she’s having her debut album come out this summer! She calls herself "The Ambassador Of Love" on her twitter. Sexy people party with @lolene.

“Just The Way You Are” – Milky (Star, Robbins Entertainment, 2002)
Hitting a peak of position of #1 in the U.K. Dance Charts, and #8 in the singles chart for 2002. I remember when this Italian dance group created fond memories driving in my mom’s car. This is for you mom: I love you just the way you are.

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