Friday, June 25, 2010

First Look: Kelly Rowland ft. David Guetta - "Commander"

Kelly Rowland. Butt of Glee jokes, second fiddle to a more famous cousin, victim to some really awful production teams in the past during her rocky solo career. But the other child of Destiny seems to have found her comfortable niche as muse of the great French producer/DJ David Guetta: she contributed vocals to "When Love Takes Over" on Guetta's recent album One Love, and has now delivered her first solid dance solo single with "Commander." While I found the former a bit shouty and, as the American Idol judges like to say, "pitchy," with "Commander" Rowland stays more within her low range and the results are far less grating. I also approve of any video that brings back military dance a la Madonna's "Vogue."

What do you think about "Commander?" Is Kelly Rowland a welcome addition to dance music and would you have guessed that would turn out to be her calling?

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