Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh Em Glee, Part Two

So, what did you all think? I confess I did not get to witness the merriment myself, but I do plan to seek out the video in short order, as the concept of this particular episode more than merits a casual gander (as is, after all, its purpose; sweeps just came early for Glee). I will, however, have a listen to the audio recording that just happened to have been released today (I wonder if they planned that or something!) to get an idea of whether the show's renditions managed to transcend imitation alone as with earlier in the season, particularly with the pop songs (Lea Michele's "Take a Bow" and Amber Riley's "Bust Your Windows," for instance, displayed accuracy and vocal ability while entirely lacking style, and would have made top-notch karaoke machine demo tracks). Said episode soundtrack can also be found just below these words, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood pop music blog, Vertigo Shtick. Enjoy (and tell your friends)!

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