Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shoulda Left My Phone At Home...

At long last, Lady Gaga's so-called "masterpiece" has hit the airwaves and cyberworld: the long-awaited (and oft-delayed) music video for latest single "Telephone," featuring Beyoncé, dropped earlier this evening. Although Gaga's website is, understandably, down, I found a copy of the video to embed here for as long as it's allowed (although Gaga is one of the few artists smart enough to know that finicky closed-fistedness around where her videos are available has fewer rewards than the ubiquity of her product, so if she has anything to say about it, it may be allowed indefinitely). I'm not sure about the "masterpiece" label, but then I wasn't too keen on "Bad Romance" for about two weeks, before it suddenly crept in and overtook my entire soul. Gaga's music has an eerie tendency to do that.

Enjoy...or whatever.

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