Friday, March 26, 2010

Trivia Quiz Answers and Winner

On Monday I posted the first Vertigo Shtick Pop Music Trivia Quiz, ten questions (and one bonus) for pop music aficionados and greenhorns alike to test their knowledge of the music and artists who have defined the genre over the past quarter century or so, and maybe learn a few things in the process! It seemed like a neat idea, a bit of fun for readers from casual to devoted; but perhaps it wasn't as alluring of a diversion as I'd imagined, since over the past five days I received only one entry! But a winner is a winner, and a prize is a prize, so congratulations to Jason Toner from Windsor, in Ontario, Canada, for winning the first Vertigo Shtick Trivia Quiz! Jason will receive ten free web song credits on, the up-and-coming music website whose business model I believe is destined to become the future of digital music (and Apple seems to agree: it bought the company in December 2009), courtesy of Vertigo Shtick.

As I'm choosing to explain away the dearth of entries as merely an indication of a stumped readership, here are the correct answers to the inaugural quiz for your edification and enjoyment.

1. Which single holds the record for most consecutive weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100?

The honor belongs to Mariah Carey and Boys II Men, whose collaboration single "One Sweet Day" spent a record sixteen consecutive weeks at number one on the Hot 100, from November 26, 1995 to March 16, 1996. Six singles are tied in second place with fourteen consecutive weeks atop the chart apiece, including Boys II Men's 1994 "I'll Make Love to You" and Carey's 2005 smash "We Belong Together."

2. What was Rihanna's first Billboard Hot 100 number one single?

Rihanna, whose latest single "Rude Boy" currently reigns atop the Hot 100 (her fifth number one as a solo artist and sixth overall), earned her first stay at the peak of the main singles chart in 2006 with her third single, dancehall anthem "SOS," which reigned for three weeks in a row. (The Barbadian singer subsequently saw  solo singles "Umbrella," "Disturbia," and "Take a Bow" reach number one, along with "Live Your Life," the 2009 single by rapper T.I. which featured Rihanna.

3. Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake were performing what song when the latter famously exposed Jackson's nipple on live television?

Jackson and Timberlake were performing the closing lines of Timberlake's recent single "Rock Your Body," As Timberlake sang the closing lyrics "Gonna have you nekkid by the end of this song," he yanked at the front of Jackson's top to reveal the singer's bare breast, her nipple partly obscured by a nipple shield, for about a half-second on live television before CBS cameras cut away. Angry parents everywhere exploded in rage and sued everyone in sight, thus assuring that their victimized children would not only be able to view Jackson's now legendary exposed breast whenever an internet-capable computer was within reach, but also know to look for it in the first place.

4. Who was the uncredited female vocalist on Flo Rida's 2009 single "Right Round?"

The uncredited (and unpaid!) vocal belonged to then-brand new labelmate Kesha Sebert, whose stage name, Ke$ha, emerged largely in response to her having appeared on a number one hit single and having no income nor recognition to show for it. Of course, Ke$ha's debut single "TiK ToK" spent nine weeks atop the Hot 100 earlier this year.

5. Which single by Michael Jackson debuted highest on the Billboard Hot 100?

In 1995, Michael Jackson became the first artist to have a song debut at number one on the Hot 100 with the R. Kelly-penned "You Are Not Alone," the lead single from the massive hits album HIStory. It was also Jackon's final number one single.

6. Britney Spears' Grammy-winning single "Toxic" was originally turned down by which artist?

The Bloodshy and Avant-produced smash hit and winner of a Grammy award for Best Dance Recording is arguably the greatest track of Britney Spears' career (even Pitchfork liked it!), but all of that was only possible because Kylie Minogue, to whom the song was originally offered, turned it down. 

7. Who holds the record for most simultaneous Billboard Hot 100 singles by a female artist?

On the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the week of November 14, 2009, country singer Taylor Swift had no fewer than nine singles on the chart.

8. Fergie became a member of The Black Eyed Peas after being originally hired to perform a guest vocal on what track?

The former Kids Incorporated child star and singer auditioned for the featured female vocal on the romantic squabble song "Shut Up" from the Peas' 2003 album Elephunk, which ended up featuring the singer's vocals on five additional tracks, and she was invited to become a permanent member of the group shortly before the album hit stores.

9. What is Madonna's highest-selling worldwide single to date?

"Hung Up," the lead single from 2005 album Confessions on a Dance Floor, made the Guinness Book of World Records after topping charts in 45 countries

10. In 2003 Celine Dion covered "I Drove All Night," a 1989 hit by which artist?

The song became the final top ten hit to date by '80s pop queen and onetime Madonna rival Cyndi Lauper, and was the only hit from Lauper's third studio album A Night to Remember.

Bonus: "I Drove All Night" was originally written for which artist, whose rendition was not released until 1992?

The song was originally written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly for the aging Roy Orbison, who did a preliminary vocals recording in 1987 before his death in 1988 left Lauper to turn it into a transatlantic hit. Orbison's version was included in a posthumous memorial album, King of Hearts, released in 1992.

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