Monday, February 8, 2010

Semantics of Pop (Plus, Vote Now on Upcoming Content!)

Although the term is so comfortably used today to refer to broad variety of styles and genres (although the definition used for the purposes of this blog is rather more discrete), the term "pop music" has its linguistic origin in the word "populus," as in "of the people," or its contemporary colloquial usage to describe something known and/or regarded positively by a large number of persons in a certian group.

But the dated and arguable semantics of the um-ba-rella title for my chosen music genre aren't the reason I'd like to have some interactivity and input from readers of this blog, whether one is an every so appreciated regular or on one's first visit to Vertigo Shtick. As it nears two months of age, the blog has begun to start showing hints at what it can and will be as it matures into an established, well-regarded and well-trafficked element of the critical and promotional pop music scene. I am about to begin a semester-long project with a student and friend who approached me about possibly using Vertigo Shtick's web entity as the subject of the main required project for a course on web design she's taking with the only other remaining requirements for her B.S. degree this May. Since agreeing to her suggestion really helps me out as much as it helps her, as I'd been planning on transitioning Vertigo Shtick from its current blog format into the relatively simple but far more customizable and appropriate website format but knew that whole thing would go far more smoothly with the involvement of someone with an inkling of what he or she was to be doing. I have several exciting content pieces in the works as well, and several months of decrying, mocking and otherwise obsessing about the American Idol phenomenon while secretly excited about having the self-imposed obligation to follow a full installment of the glorified karaoke competition and revel in the anthropological and societal study I inevitably take in such situations. And, of course, there's so much music to look forward to discovering, rediscovering, or perhaps helping another discover.

In the meanwhile, I'd like to get a feel for what readers here like - musically of course, but also things like content in general. I often have a lot of possible ideas shooting around my brain and have been known more than once to become too overwhelmed by possibilities that I don't end up managing to write anything at all. And since I have gotten no feedback from readers on almost any posts, I have no idea what people have liked or not liked as much and nothing to work from towards improving what we can.

So I'm trying something in an attempt to both create a little anticipation about a forthcoming post, but also in an attempt to bring people over to the blog for their first or one of their first times with the simplest buy anything. There are a number of recently released pop albums that I've at some point thought of reviewing, listed in the poll segment at the very top of the column, along with a couple high profile releases from two or three months ago at most; none of the listed albums has been reviewed on Vertigo Shtick. I encourage all readers whether regulars or first time browsers take thirty seconds to check off whichever of the albums on that list you'd like to see reviewed ; a review of the top vote-getting album will be posted on Friday (but wait, there's more!) and a playlist of the entire album will accompany the review and also be made available for the week in the sidebar menu.

I'm looking forward to seeing which album emerges with the most votes, because I have absolutely no idea what to predict! See below for the eight album choices, then go up to the poll at the top of the right-hand side and vote. You can select as many of the choices as you like.

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