Sunday, February 28, 2010

Welcome to!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, after two and a half months of bringing dignified pop music coverage to the world wide web, I am thrilled to announce that Vertigo Shtick is now master of its own domain - by which I mean that you are currently reading the first ever entry to be posted on the brand new site,! That's right folks, no more pesky, amateurish declaration of my dependence on the benevolent gods of Google (although until the big site launch planned for this May, when Vertigo Shtick will transform from haphazardly laid-out template-dependent blog to sleek, organized, self-designed and maintained website), or wondering whether to type in the triad of "w"s, or whatnot. Just Or if you like the "w"s, It doesn't matter. Both will lead you here.

So update your bookmarks, or create a new one if you haven't yet, because I guarantee you will want to return to Vertigo Shtick (dot commmm...haha) again and again for all your pop music needs and curiosities! As always, I thank you sincerely for supporting my blog (even if this is your first visit) as I work at getting everything off the ground and running; and remember that you can help by spreading the word about Vertigo Shtick to your own friends and acquaintances by using one of the "Add This" features or one of the publicizing links below each post. Also, join the brand new Vertigo Shtick Fan Page on Facebook, and follow @Vertigo_Shtick on Twitter to show your support and to see when new updates are added to the site. For any or all of these things I would be profoundly grateful.

Welcome (or welcome back), and enjoy!

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