Sunday, February 14, 2010

24 Songs for Valentine's Day: The Way I Am

Ah, February 14. A day millions of happy couples celebrate (and just as many solo citizens tolerate) the anniversary of the day a Roman priest was beaten and then beheaded after being caught officiating over non-traditional marriages - i.e. Christian ones (gasp! You mean the definition of "traditional" marriage has changed over time? What a concept!). Nowadays, it's just an excuse for 24 hours of luuuuuv (or one of two days a year Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have to pretend to have sex). Even though your faithful blogger is (happily) not among the coupled, it seemed sporting to spend the day coming up each hour with a fun song appropriate to the holiday. I imagine the collection will range from the legendary chart-toppers to the quirky sweet ballads to the occasional odd romantic statement - and for all the single ladies out there with their black leotards and cyborg hands, I shan't forget you either - but all of them will have one major shared quality: all's well that ends well.

We'll start things off nice and easy (sorry Tina) with a charming indie pop gem from Ingrid Michaelson. If there's more romantic than telling someone you'll buy him Rogaine when he starts losing all his hair, I haven't heard it.

"The Way I Am"
Ingrid Michaelson
Girls and Boys
(Cabin 24, 2006)

See you at 2am for the next installment!

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