Sunday, February 14, 2010

24 Songs for Valentine's Day: Honey

For the third entry in today's Valentine's Day Massacre...I mean, "marathon," I'll throw a bone in case any pop lightweights out there are thinking "Ingrid who? Corinne Bailey what now? Isn't there anyone I've ever heard of?" And I'm sure even long-forgotten civilizations on undiscovered islands know of Mariah Carey, and here is my favorite of the few Mariah chart-smashers I can stand in the first place.

Mariah Carey
(Columbia, 1997)

I think Butterfly, which also features the blockbuster ballad "My All," was probably the peak of Mariah's career, at least from a vocal ability perspective, as well as my personal preference (which more often than not doesn't include Mariah Carey one way or the other, but...); the only track since then I've bothered to download was 2007's "We Belong Together."

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