Sunday, February 14, 2010

24 Songs for Valentine's Day: Diggin' On You

I'm not sure why, but it just feels like chillin' with T-Boz and some Kool-Aid seems like a 5am thing to do.

"Diggin' On You"
(Arista/LaFace Records, 1994)

CrazySexyCool was my very early first exposure to hip hop/R&B music - or more accurately if less politically correct, music by black people who weren't Ella Fitzgerald. And even if I didn't quite understand it and it scared me a little, I can't express how much this album influenced me and my musical taste, in what I of course believe is a highly positive way. I always thought this song was fun though, if a little overproduced (it's a totally early '90s song, but my sensitivities lean much more toward the minimalist sound of the late 2000s and today anyway, hence my lack of affection for 80s music in general).

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