Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Now That It's Raining More Than Ever

Wouldn't you know it, the very day after I use a song by Rihanna as the song for the day, the sky over Southern California decides to do some projectile aquatic vomiting like it was Linda Blair in The Exorcist. And for those who aren't fortunate enough to dwell in the Southland, there is one accessory our populace never seems to have handy on the rare occasions it's needed: the um-ba-rella. Ella. Ella. Luckily, with this predictable song offering for the day, Marié Digby's got us covered (so to speak) with my favorite of the countless post-Rihanna renditions of the tune. I remember hearing the stretched out, relaxed coda for the first time and wondering how it would end, and when it finally did I think I said aloud to my iPod, "Well done."

Marié Digby
Hollywood Records, 2007

Trivia: Marié Digby had produced a little-known album for a Disney subsidiary before she took to YouTube to try and jump-start her career, singing simple acoustic versions of original songs and a few notable covers, including what developed into the track above as well as an intriguing version of Britney Spears' "Gimme More." As is often the way with these tales (at least nowadays), Digby, whose videos had gotten a considerable number of hits, got her largest exposure when the studio recording heard here was featured on the third season premiere of the MTV show The Hills. Digby's original YouTube video has outpaced the other especially notable cover version of "Umbrella" on the site, by erstwhile pop singer Mandy Moore, by about 3 to 1. On her YouTube channel, by the way, Digby is still at it with the covers, recently posting acoustic renditions of such current hits as Lady Gaga's "Telephone" and Owl City's "Fireflies."

Check out Marié Digby's latest album, Breathing Underwater.

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