Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Feature: Song for the Day

Oh yes, I almost forgot: you may have noticed a bunch of posts that appeared overnight, tagged as "Song for the Day." About the same time I launched this blog, I also started a small separate blog as a sort of casual joint production between my new, relatively legit-style work involving pop music on Vertigo Shtick and another blog-type venture I'd been - and I use this term loosely - "working on" since this summer, about which I won't really elucidate except to say it's less based on my writing or thoughts than it is on the aesthetically pleasing photos of attractive people of a certain sex. The combo blog, shamelessly called "Songs and Studs," was a way for me to try and write something quick and relatively formulaic every day to help me produce some of the more involved content for this site.

What I realized yesterday, however, is that what I'd intended to be little more than my photographic blogging in that I wouldn't be contributing much of my own content turned out to be a great creative outlet, and fun at the same time; essentially, I was writing a whole lot of stuff that ought to be on Vertigo Shtick for a blog I hadn't even told anyone about, and that would likely be inaccessible to the half of the population who prefers the female variety. So I've decided to import the music posts from that blog to Vertigo Shtick where they belong and where I will initially post such entries from now on. The idea behind the Song for the Day post is very simply an opportunity for me to share one of the songs from my music library that maybe you haven't heard, or haven't heard for a very long time, or just one that I'm feeling on a particular day. After all, it's a pop music blog, so why not give you some more music to enjoy?

I hope through these posts you might discover or learn more about some new songs, artists or albums, or simply enjoy a blast from the past or just the lesser-known present. And by all means, if you have any requests or suggestions please leave a comment or send me an email!

Tracks featured on Song for the Day entries will be made available for you to listen for free using the wonderful new, fully legal service at (which I really think is better than iTunes in so many ways, and which is used by and Click here for info on how it works and sign up for free so you can start listening to all the music on Vertigo Shtick.

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