Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Song for the Day: Jill Scott - "Hate On Me"

As someone who likes the idea of Glee if not the actual product (meaning I'm glad it's on the air as long as you don't make me watch it), I do enjoy seeing which musical selections come up on the show. The soundtrack is reliably eclectic but still all chosen songs are well enough known to make as big an impact as possible - witness the two Glee Cast albums released so far, each cracking the top ten on the sales charts. One of the most intriguing selections (as in, one of the only ones that came somewhat close to getting me to watch the damn thing) was a glorious crossover number by Jill Scott that I hope receives more attention now that the Gleeks have it on their iPods (because Amber Riley, who plays melisma-loving Black Girl Stereotype...I mean, Mercedes, may have a hell of an instrument on her, but she's no Jill Scott). Today I'll do my part as well for the effort.

"Hate On Me"
Jill Scott
The Real Thing: Words & Sounds, Vol. 3
Hidden Beach Records, 2007

Trivia: Coming from an artist whose music one might first discover over a doobie with friends in the attic, and one in her first single, "A Long Walk," praised a lover's "peace mentality," "Hate On Me" is certainly a bit of a departure, albeit one Jill Scott more than pulls off. It is even and perhaps especially different from the other tracks on her third studio album, most of which are definitely made for lovers. The liner notes indicate that the song is directed at some folks online who were inexplicably demonstrating a lack of affection for the multi-Grammy winner and current star of HBO's The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. "Hate on Me" appeared in the seventh episode of Fox's Glee, in which the rival cheer coach played by Jane Lynch is named co-director of the titular glee club and splits the team up and takes over the minority club members, whom she has perform the song. Critical reaction to the episode -  and Riley's performance - was decidedly mixed.

Get Jill Scott's third and most recent studio album, The Real Thing: Words & Sounds, Vol. 3.

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