Monday, December 14, 2009

Welcome to VertigoShtick!

Welcome one and all to VertigoShtick, the all-new blog devoted to the glorious type of aural entertainment affectionately known as Pop Music.

Designed to fall somewhere between the pro indie rock/anti mass market-centric tastes of and Rolling Stone and the stale repetitiousness of Clear Channel-dominated "Top 40" radio, VertigoShtick was founded on and will strive to operate under the credo that within the vast catalogue of contemporary music there exists a genre known as Pop that operates under (and therefore should be appreciated and judged based on) its own unique determinants and standards, and that there is, to this point, insufficient consideration given in the present world of music criticism and appreciation to this fact.

Enter VertigoShtick! As it grows and progresses, this blog will provide fellow pop music lovers (and skeptics alike) with thoughtful criticism and analysis of tracks, albums, videos, performances and artists both new and established, news and analysis regarding the artists and the art itself, interviews with both up-and-coming and established artists, weekly themed (and FREE!) playlists, and much more. I hope to make VertigoShtick an enjoyable and hopefully edifying stop on the music lover's weekly internet forays for whatever reason one might find, so I encourage you all to visit and see how this site gets going and to spread the word.

And for those of you wondering from whence the heck our name comes, observe one of our muses at work.

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