Thursday, December 31, 2009

Auld Lang Syne - A Personal Note

As 2010 crashes onto the scene on the East coast and advances rapidly towards my noticeably mellow Left Coast surroundings, I juggled scores of potential year-end summary post topics and decided that, if nothing else, I wanted the final Vertigo Shtick post of "Oh. Nine" to be a celebration of some of the events and occurrences over the past year that, to me, demonstrate the greatest things about pop music. It's the kind of stuff that helped drive me to finally explore my heretofore unrealized dream of becoming some sort of player in an industry and an art form that has entranced and enthralled me my entire life, even though I accepted long ago that my path in life would likely not include sold-out arenas, sophisticated recording studios, glamorous album cover photoshoots, and getting my microphone taken away by Kanye West as I win my first Grammy so that he can point out for the record that it really should have gone to Beyonce. And I hope you enjoy(ed) it, too!

I have never looked forward to an upcoming year with as much hope, excitement, and sense of possibility (to quote the Streep) as I currently do towards 2010. I dearly hope that in the year to come I can manage, through my work on this blog and whatever may come to be from or of it, to amuse, inform, provoke, or, best of all, to entertain whomsoever happens to come across my work, whether it be a solitary devotee or a legion. And I hope you'll join me as I try.

Happy New Year, and best wishes for a happy, fortuitous and successful 2010.


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